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Fiddler Creek Points Series

Feel free to attend one of our membersip meetings and put in your suggestions for this years track championship.

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Still Want To Sign Up?


We decided with everyone's busy schedules we thought it would be easiest to sign up online!
If you missed your chance to sign up in person at our first round, no worries. Just click the link below and be sure to enter all the information you can and we'll get you into the series!

First Annual Fiddler Creek Series


We are trying something a little new this year. In conjunciton with the Nebraska Series races here in Homer, we are creating our own series for those local folks that want the thrill of a series without traveling out of town much.

It's quick and easy to sign up! At Round 3 of the Nebraska Series hosted by Fiddler Creek, sign up for the Fiddler Series during that race weekend. The cost is $20 for the 2016 and this gets the rider automatically eligible for year-end points in which we plan to have a year-end awards banquet. The points system will follow the same structure as the Nebraska Series.

Please allow results from each race around a week or two for results to be posted here on the website.


Any and all riders are welcome to join the FC series, there are no limitations we just want everyone to have fun!

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