Fiddler Creek Rules

To help keep you and others safe, we ask you to please follow a few rules.

• With the purchase of a membership you will be issued your own key to the track. Please do not "lend" out or copy your key.


• Please be sure to lock the gate behind you when you leave, riding ceases at 8pm with the exception of race weekends.


• Parents are responsible for their minor children while on the property.


• Helmets are mandatory when riding, at all times. No exceptions.


• To prevent injuries, the use of safety protection is strongly recommended. Chest protector, boots, goggles, etc.


• Please properly dispose of any garbage while on the propery. Help keep our track clean and the environment healthy.


• Ride at your own risk, plan ahead and have someone accompany you so you are not alone.


• 10 MPH in the pit areas, we don't need anyone getting hurt.


• 50-65cc bikes on the kids track. Exception for big bikes when there are no small children present.