2019 Race Information

What's New in 2019


Fiddler Creek is will be holding two exclusive races this year!

We are also pleased to announce that we will host the awards for the Best of the Midwest series again!

2019 Fiddler Creek 
Race Schedule

1. May 5  Fiddler Race

2. August 18 Fiddler Race

3. September 1st  Best of the Midwest

September 14th - RAIN DATE


We are excited to  hold  two exclusive Fiddler Creek races and host the awards for the Best of the Midwest series again! 


Click here for more information on Best of the Midwest Series

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Race Weekend Info

Gates Open:

Friday: 6pm

Saturday: 8am

Prepped Practice: $25/ per class  per rider

Sunday: 8am

Gate Fees: $10/person (entire weekend)

 (ages 5 & under are free)

Race Day Sign-Up: 8am

Morning Practice: 9am

Races Start: 10:30am

All riders & associated people are responsible for reading & understanding the rules


2018 Rules for SVCC Motocross Races

* Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign all race and

release forms. If the parent or legal guardian is not present, the rider must have a

notarized waiver release form from the parent or legal guardian for the event that they

are competing in that day, or the rider will not be allowed to race. No Exceptions!!!!!

* Minimum of 3 riders to have a class

* Refund will be issued if the class you entered is cancelled or you do not practice in that


* Ambulance must be present before practice & races start

* Rider cannot cut the track or miss any obstacles. The rider must re enter the track where

they left the track, unless it is unsafe to do so and then the rider will enter the track at

the nearest possible safe point without cutting in front of other riders, a position cannot

be gained while off the track or while entering bck on to the track. Those caught cutting

the track by a track official or by written protest will be penalized 1 lap for that moto

* Obvious intentional injury or interference to another rider will result in disqualification

for the day

* Check line up sheet so you know where to be

* Contrasting number plates are reuqired on front and rear or sides of all bikes and quads.

If scorekeepers cannot see your number you will not be scored

* No kickstands allowed on motocycles. Enduro motocycles are required to remove as

much glass parts as possible and tape up the glass that is unable to be removed

* A rider may change race motorcycle/quad between motos. The track scorekeepers

must be notified before the next moto if number is changed

* No rider may impersonate another rider. Rider is subject to disqualification for the day

if impoersonation is found

* Abuse to the officials or scorrers by riders or pit crew will not be tolerated. Individuals

may be disqualified and/or removed from SVCC with no refund

* All riders in an age controlled class must show certified copy of birth certificate No exceptions

* Points will be awarded per moto not by overall results

* Season championship point ties will be determined by the overall best finishes of the riders

* SVCC does not supply any medical insurance, all riders must carry their own property,

medical and any other insurance that the riders deem fit

* Riders must compete in all 3 schueduled MX races to be elgible for year end points

prizes and contingencies

* Starting gate rules: No riders of pit crew in front of the gate at any time. Two minutes

sweet time after last bike enters gate. Two minute repair after track crew is notified of

problem (except for sweeping) Failure to follow these rules will disqualify the rider for

that moto

* All quads must have working tether switch and nerf bars. Headlight must be taped or


* Parents or pit crew may not enter the track area during a race without a race official with

them or rider will be disqualified. Exception is the peewee points and non point parents.

One parent of guardian per rider allowed out on the track for the peewee riders

* A vet rider that wins a B class cannot be forced to move to the A class

* Top 2 riders from each of the Lites C,Lites B, MX C, MX B & Quad B must move up to

the next higher class. Riders under the age of 16 cannot be forced to move up to the Pro am

class. Rider must appeal to the MX Commitee chairman before the first race. No class

jumping allowed. All riders are expected to race their published class level (B rider at

another track is a B rider at our track)

* Red Flag: full stop of moto return to the gate using first gear. If half of the scheduled laps

are completed it will be scored as a full moto if less the half a red flag restart will result

* Red flag restart: all bikes return to starting gate. Bikes will be lined up single file based on

last scored lap.

* Yellow Flag: Approach with caution, no jumping (roll the jump), no passing in the area of a

yellow flag

* White Flag with red Cross: Slow down, rider must remain seated, no jumping or passing and

no roost at all in immediate are of incident.

* Riders not abiding by flag rules will be docked 1 lap for that moto per incident

* No Pit riding of any kind during MX event

* No riding on short track during MX event

* Rider must be scored 1 lap in moto to earn points